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International Dog Shows 2XCAC, 2XCACIB from Thessaloniki Canine Society at 5 & 6 April 2014

Venue: TIF Helexpo Thessaloniki - Pavilion 16


poster cacib april  


International Field Trial C.A.C.T. - C.A.C.I.T.

29,30/11/2013 & 1/12/2013


International Dog Shows CACIB from Thessaloniki Canine Society at 14-15 Septrmber 2013

Venue: American Farm School Thessaloniki


International Dog Shows CACIB From Thessaloniki Canine Society at 1-2 June 2013

Venue: American Farm School Thessaloniki


National Dog Show CAC from Thessaloniki Canine Society at 9-10 February 2013

Venue: TIF Helexpo Thessaloniki


International Field Trial C.A.C.I.T. / January 25-26-27, 2013


Prey: Partridge


6970.808168 Athanasios Garivaldis 

6976.887071 Dimitrios Kladakis

Field Trial C.A.C.T./ December 22&23,2012


"Evaggelos Kalfopoulos"

Βρετανικών Δεικτών και Ηπειρωτικών Δείκτών

(υποστήριξη από τον Όμιλο Επανιέλ Μπρετόν Ελλάδος )

Τιμή συμμετοχής 20 ευρώ/ημέρα/σκύλο - 3 σκύλοι 50 ευρώ


6970.808168 Athanasios Garivaldis

6976.887071 Dimitrios Kladakis